May 7, 2020

We are all concerned about drinking clean water, we want the purest of water for cleaning and daily chores. But, have you ever thought where all this water goes? Is this water disposed of properly? Ideally, all the wastewater from your household goes into the septic tanks dug deep in your backyard. 

Most of us build an excellent sewage system when constructing the home. And the situation is all good and merry till years later the bath spigot fills the tub or toilets are overflowing. This is exactly where the problem lies. Out of sight should not mean out of mind, these septic and sewage tanks are several meters below the ground level, we can never be certain what’s going on inside. Well, GlobaleX is an answer to these concerns. It is one of the top-notch septic and sewage tank cleaning services in Dubai. We ensure your sewage and septic tanks are clean inside out so you get the sanitation you deserve.

First things first, where does it all go?

All the wastewater from your home or commercial premises goes into the septic tanks via the drain lines. In these tanks, an anaerobic bacterial system is involved that decomposes the waste discharged into the tank. These tanks are made in a way that the heavier wastes settle at the bottom and mix with the soil below forming a sludge layer.

The trouble begins when there is no more room and the waste-water begins to clog the soil absorption area. It can lead to various health issues besides bad odor and damaging the sewage system. Why wait so long till the problem becomes so obvious. Fixing a septic issue is more of a headache than regular maintenance. Fortunately, you can avail the services of GlobaleX for efficient septic tank cleaning and sewage tank cleaning services.

How Often Should A Tank Be Cleaned?

Most of you are still questioning whether it is important to get the tank cleaned. In the best-case scenario, the annual clean up of tanks is the best way to keep them in check. However, you can push it to two to three years. But, it mostly depends on the following factors:

  1. The overall usage.
  2. The number of people in the household.
  3. Size of the septic tank.

All these factors are essential when making cleaning appointments. You can ping us and provide all the details to our experts so we may keep a track of the waste level and arrange cleaning sessions as per your requirements.

Why is it essential to rely on expert services for water tank Cleaning?

The internet is filled with loads of videos showing how to clean your septic and sewage tanks and you can give it a try. However, if you don’t do it properly, you should know that you are risking the health of your entire family and it involves the following issues:

  1. The trouble involved: Sewage tank cleaning is not as easy as it may seem. The very first step of cleaning is to empty the content which requires proper disposal. You can easily rely on  GlobaleX for such troubles.

2. Hard Fixes: Sometimes overflowing goes to an extent that most of your drain line and tanks need repair. And you obviously need a professional to do that. What’s better than trying out the septic and sewage tank cleaning services of GlobaleX before it gets too late?

3. Malodorous Smell: If your septic and sewage tank remains dirty for too long, it may start to smell bad. Yes, the sediment formation, residue settlement, and bacterial formation can mix with the groundwater and ultimately make it unfit for use. What’s the solution? It is better to call up septic and sewage tank cleaning services in Dubai before negligence takes a toll on your health.

4. Waterborne diseases: If you won’t clean your water tanks for years, get it straight, you will be building a house for harmful viruses and bacteria. It can give rise to various diseases and eventually one of your family members or you could fall into the trap. There is a long list of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid that you will be vulnerable to. How can you stop it? Simply call GlobaleX up, one of their teams will come and survey the tanks to begin the cleaning process. And in one or two days, your tank will be sanitized. It is that simple.

How tank cleaning is done?

Step 1: The process begins with assessing the septic tank.

Step 2: Then the entire tank is disinfected.

Step 3: All the sludge and solid wastes are drained out using a sludge pump.

 Step 4: Then begins the process of removing all the sediments, dirt, stains, and fungus using high precision equipment.

Step 5: Next comes the high-pressure jet that cleans off the Walls, ceiling, and floor.

Step 6: A vacuum cleaning technique is used to suck out all the remaining dirt.

Step 7: Then an anti-bacterial spray or liquid bleach is used to completely disinfect the tank.

Step 8: The tank and the surrounding area is subjected to UV radiation to clean of any harmful bacteria.

Step 9: The tank is completely drained and left for drying.

Step 10: Voila! The tank is clean and ready to use.

Cleaning septic and sewage tanks may look a tedious process but with the assistance of an expert such as GlobaleX, the task will become seamless for you.

Want to lay hands on the best of septic and sewage tank cleaning services in Dubai? Just give GlobaleX a ring! 

Our professionals are waiting to help you out!

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