Sewage Tank Cleaning
Sewage Tank Cleaning
Sewage Tank Cleaning

Sewage and Septic Tank Cleaning

Globalex is a company based in Dubai that offers Sewage  cleaning service in Dubai. We provide extensive and high-quality services for Septic tank cleaning. Our teams are the most experienced in the Dubai and routinely clean water tanks in numerous homes every week.

When a water tank is used again and again for water supply, residue and sediments get accumulated along with bacteria, which can make the water harmful for usage. Thus it needs to be cleaned periodically to ensure continued pure water supply. Dubai Municipality advises cleaning the water tanks every year. We at Globalex follow the directive and comply with Dubai Municipality standards.

We follow a 4 step procedure to clean your water tank:

Step 1: Dewatering the tank

A dewatering pump is used to empty the tank first to make sure that no water is left in the tank.


Step 2: Cleaning process

The tank is cleaned with the help of a special cleaning kit by experts. It is thoroughly scrubbed with the use of machines as well as manually to remove any kind of dirt and fungus.


Step 3: Anti bacterial spray

An antibacterial solution is sprayed inside the tank in every corner so that no part is missed. The tank becomes absolutely clean and safe to use.


Step 4: UV treatment

In the end, a UV radiation treatment is carried out so that no suspended or floating bacteria remain inside. Then the tank is completely dried. Now the tank is 100% clean and fit for use.

Globalex Offers Sewage Cleaning Services in Dubai:

When water is continuously stored in a tank, it makes the water as well as the tank impure. We at Globalex use scientific methods to clean Sewage tanks. We use less reactive chemicals and disinfectants to clean the Sewage tanks and reuse it only after proper cleaning.

Sewage tanks collect all the liquid waste which comes from toilets, bathrooms, sinks, washing machines etc. This makes sewage tank cleaning very important to maintain its proper functioning and keep the system in good order.

Contact Globalex for all your sewage cleaning services in dubai. We will not let any stone unturned to provide the best Sewage tank cleaning service in Dubai.

We provide Sewage /Septic tank cleaning services for:

  • Residential apartments

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Shopping malls and supermarkets

  • Offices and showrooms

  • Hotels and restaurants

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