Sanitization And Disinfection Services Dubai

    We always use soaps or other detergents to clean our surroundings. But is that enough? Studies claim there is still a pretty high chance of bacteria remaining on the cleaned surface. Therefore, a stronger solution is required and that is where we step in. We have coupled tech and latest approved chemicals in order to provide professional Disinfection Services Dubai.

    Sanitization is a quick process that normally takes no more than half a minute to destroy 99.99% of bacteria. While disinfection surfaces requires a use of much stronger chemical which destroys every organism in range in under 10 minutes. The chemicals we manage to work with are totally safe to use around children, eco-friendly and biodegradable. We use suma bac d10 approved disinfectants for Sanitization Services be it offices, shops, hospitals or even homes.

    Disinfection Services Dubai:

    Virus infections Causes disease that are harmful to the body. Globalex Enviro is approved by Dubai Municipality and offers professional Disinfection and Sanitization Service to kill 99.99% of virus & bacteria.


    Disinfection Process


    • 1. Asses the area to be disinfected / sterilized. Use PPE (Full-body coverall, face mask, hand gloves by operators.

    • 2. Dubai Municipality approved disinfectant solutions must be prepared in adequate dilutions and used according to manufacturer’s recommendation for volume and contact time.

    • 3. Rooms and surfaces of hall, floors and fixed items will be disinfected using electric ULV Cold fogger machine, the fogging mist can settle for 15 minutes to sterilize the pathogen.

    • 4. After disinfection, the area are completely cleaned, cleaning practices and cleanliness should be routinely monitored.