Clinical Waste Collection
Clinical Waste Collection Dubai
Clinical Waste Collection Dubai

Reliable Clinical Waste Collection & Disposal Services in Dubai

Globalex Group of companies is the top choice for clinical waste collection and disposal service in Dubai. We specialize in the collection, handling, and disposal of clinical waste. Our comprehensive clinical waste collection services are ideal for private practices as well as clinics that are a part of the healthcare system in Dubai. Approved by the Dubai Municipality, we provide an excellent quality of clinical waste disposal & collection service in Dubai.. We have extensive experience in medical waste disposal which makes us stand out from other companies.

What do our services include?

Globalex Group of companies is a fully licensed medical waste collection and disposal in Dubai offering advanced waste management solutions. We provide customized and hassle-free clinical waste management services as per requirements. We effectively collect and manage the hazardous waste material generated in the clinics. 

Our team uses safe and secure containers to hold the waste for transportation. After that, the containers are locked up in a secure vehicle which is used to transport them to the disposal site. We have a robust process for handling clinical waste collection which enables us to deliver an unparalleled quality of services. Since the number of healthcare facilities is increasing at a rapid pace in Dubai, the need for the best clinical waste Collection & disposal service in dubai is now more than ever. This is where the Globalex Group of companies comes in!

Why Choose Our Clinical Waste Disposal Services?

  • Professional and proficient medical waste collection company in dubai.

  • Advanced waste disposal tools and techniques

  • Timely services for healthcare institutes

  • Licensed by Dubai municipality

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