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Sharp Waste Disposal Services in Dubai

Handling sharp waste requires care, caution, and expertise. If the waste is not handled properly, it can cause serious health problems for people in the vicinity. This is where Globalex Group of Companies comes in! We have extensive experience in sharp waste disposal which enables us to effectively collect and dispose the sharp waste while following the standard best practices. Our team uses the recommended tools, technologies, and techniques for sharp waste disposal to help keep the indoor space in your healthcare facility clean from infections caused by the waste.

What do our services include?

Sharp waste includes infectious waste that consists of syringes, needles, lancets, broken glass, or any other medical waste that might pierce the skin. When this waste breaks through the skin, it can lead to dangerous health risks.

At Globalex Group of Companies, we understand the importance of proper and effective sharp waste disposal and collection. We utilize reusable containers for the proper disposal of sharp waste. Our team scans the entire site to find any sharp waste that might be present in the room. Once we have identified that, we carefully collect and contain it so that it doesn’t cause any issues for individuals present in the healthcare facility.

We use state-of-the-art waste disposal tools and technologies to collect sharp waste. After that, we carefully transport it to the disposal site so that it can be disposed of in the right way.  

Why Choose Our Sharp Waste Disposal Services?

  • Professional sharp waste disposal services

  • Comprehensive process for accurate collection and disposal

  • Quality containers for storing sharp waste

  • Dubai Municipality licensed company

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