Sewage treatment Plant Dubai

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plants collect, treat, and discharge wastewater, providing a service essential to environmental and public health.

Sewage Water Tanker

Sewage Tanker

Sewage Removal Services in Dubai, Sewage waste water is (non-hazardous waste) that is generated from communities,

Sweet Water Tanker Supply

Sweet Water Tanker

We are a leading Sweet Water Tanker Supply Company in Dubai , UAE. Established in 2006, We are specialized in Sweet Water

Sal Water Tanker Supply

Salt water Tanker

Are you looking for Salt Water Tanker in Dubai, Globalex Enviro is one the leading transport company

potable water supply

Potable Water

Quality Potable water is clear, odorless and tasteless. In Dubai, tap is not advisable for drinking it can only be used for bathing

Irrigation Water Supply

Irrigation Water

Tanker services of Globalex Providing 10,000 Gallons , 5000 Gallons, 1000 Gallons, tankers for Irrigation (TSE) Water Tanker depending

dewatering service in dubai


Are you tired of overflowing rainwater? Do you need a solution for overflowing rainwaters? When heavy rains strike

Diesel Supply in Dubai

Diesel Supply

With a clear vision and technical professionalism, globalex group of companies strives to

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Swimming Pool Cleaning

By hiring Globalex professional pool maintenance in Dubai to keep the pool’s water quality high and hygienic.

Tank Cleaning Service Dubai

Tank cleaning

Globalex is the leading provider of Sewage tank cleaning services in Dubai. We provide extensive and high-quality services

Medical Waste Management Service

Waste Management

Every project has a solution and a beginning. At Globalex, solutions are devised before they are applied to the problem.

Disinfection Service Dubai

Sanitization And Disinfection

Sanitization is a quick process that normally takes no more than half a minute to destroy 99.99% of bacteria.