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Globalex FM, part of the Globalex group of companies is a prominent facility management service provider in Dubai UAE, known for its best centric approach for the customers that drive the values of management styles. Our aim is to provide variety of hard FM services like air conditioning, building fabric maintenance, painting, plumbing & drainage as well as soft FM services like cleaning services, landscaping, pest control services and waste management and many more. At Globalex, we are proud of providing world class services to all our clients.

Our Services

Ac Duct cleaning

Ac Duct Cleaning

Ac duct cleaning keep your home clean and fresh, remove dust and other allergens, and improve air quality in your home.

Ac Maintenance Service

Ac Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of running an effective Ac unit. Regular inspections and upkeep can help ensure your air conditioning.

Plumber using a wrench to tighten a siphon under a sink. (iStock)


A faulty sewer line can cause sewage disrupt water service. all pipes and connections should be properly sealed.

Painting Services


Did you know? painting is one of the oldest forms of art? can be used to communicate ideas and feelings? it can help people to express themselves creatively.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the pool is safe for guests. a dirty pool can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.


Water Tank Cleaning

water tank needs to be cleaned Make sure the tank is empty and clean. You will also need a bucket, rag, and a hose.

Pest Control Services

cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most common and stubborn pests in Dubai UAE. They can invade your home or office and cause extensive damage.

Rodent control in Dubai

Rodent Control

Rats are one of the most common pests in the world, and they can be very difficult to control. If you have a rat problem, there are a few things you can do to try to get rid of them.

Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Control

Adult bed bugs have flat our bodies about the size of an apple seed. They feed thru piercing the pores and skin and chickening out blood via an elongated beak.

Bird Control Services

Birds Control

Birds in Dubai are causing damage to buildings and human health due to a high destructive acid in their droppings. We offer a natural solution to Bird control.

Termite Control Services

Termite Control

Did you know? Termites had been round because of the time of the dinosaurs! There are approximately 2,000 recognized termite species within side the international.

mosquito control

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Pest Control Services in Dubai, Mosquitoes infect humans with the Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue, malaria, and other diseases Etc.

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Quality

You can trust GLOBALEX Facilities management services blindly! We use high quality products and have well trained staff.

All-inclusive Approach

We provide all the basic treatments under our services.

24*7 Customer Support

Pest free home gives you quality life. So we are here to serve you 24/7.

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GLOBALEX, founded in 2006, in Dubai, is the one-stop solution for all pest control problems. We are a leading company with enough experience to protect your home from unwanted pests. We are certified by Dubai Municipality.

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