Sewage Removal Service
Sewage Water Removal
Sewage Removal Service

Sewage Tanker Services in Dubai

Sewage Removal Services in Dubai, Sewage waste water is (non-hazardous waste) that is generated from communities, labour camps, offices and industrial areas. Its collected in holding tanks not have or having sewerage network drain lines. Such wastes are collected by vaccum tanker and disposed to sewerage treatment plant.

Sewage Removal Services

Globalex is a leader in the field of sewage removal,Sewage Tank Cleaning,transportation and its disposal in Dubai. With decades of experience in liquid waste management, we are currently one of the most recommended companies by Dubai Municipality. Globalex offers full service removal, transportation and disposal services while maintaining the safety and regulations related to toxic and hazardous wastes.

Whether you require removal of a single tank or long term sewage management services, Globalex will ensure that the task is done in an efficient, safe and timely manner.Our dedicated team is capable of delivering the solutions besides guiding our customers about right waste management and disposal solution. When you need Sewage services, trust Globalex for your sewage removal and disposal needs.

Sewage Transportation and Disposal Services in Dubai 


Equipped with a fleet of well-maintained tankers, Globalex specialize in transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste in Dubai.With the highest number of tankers in UAE currently we are the top company for carrying liquid waste management services in Dubai. While transporting and disposing the sewage, we strictly comply with the standards stipulated by the local authorities.

Sewage Tanker Available in Following Capacity:

  • 1,000 Gallons Tanker

  • 5,000 Gallons Tanker

  • 10,000 Gallons Tanker

  • 15,000 Gallons Tanker

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