June 21, 2020

At this stage, where there is reopening and things are coming back to normal. Finding a trustworthy name providing Sanitization Services Dubai is a bit harder. You know why.? It’s because Dubai is a mixture of people belonging to different countries ranging from laborers to business tycoons.

They don’t have sufficient knowledge to
know about the companies providing these services locally. Apart from that,
People now are sensitive to their surroundings more than they were before.

Staying clean and disinfected has become
their first priority, whether the location where they are living is exposed to
the deadly impacts of corona or not. They just want to be secure from all the
health-related risks.

We can call pandemic as the main reason
behind this all, which has totally changed the way we are living our life. So,
if you are in search of the company providing satisfactory services in a
professional way. Globalex Enviro is the name, you must have on top in your
search list.

Sanitization Services Dubai

Globalex Enviro is a well-known name in
the market since 2006. Our standard of services and market reputation is the
key element to this success of 14 years. Keeping in mind the current
circumstances of the city, where fighting against health hazards has become a
major need of time.

Globalex Enviro has decided to put its
efforts into providing these services by utilizing a highly trained
professional staff.

Our working tools and gadgets are not that
normal like others. The company has provided staff with highly advanced gadgets
including a proper uniform, gloves, face-covering mask, electrostatic sprayers,
normal sprayers, and certified chemical materials from health departments. Note
that: The chemicals we use for disinfection can also be used on food-related surfaces
as well as allergy-free for children and elders.

You can call us for availing the
disinfecting and sanitizing services for your,

Home/ Villas/ Apartments

The first & most important spot where nobody can
afford anything unusual is our home. But unfortunately, it may have a number of
viruses, bacteria, or infections. So, keeping houses clean from all these
hazards is necessary.

Globalex Enviro is available 24/7 to provide home disinfection in Dubai. Like, entrance doors, ground surface, inside doors, furniture, electric switches, and many other things. Our multiple techniques of disinfecting the living spots with the help of effective chemicals are enough to kill everything risky.

Sanitization Services For Office/ Business Spots

Offices are the second most important spot
where we spend nearly 9 out of 24 hours. There are more chances to have
infectious stuff in offices especially if their operations belong to public
dealing. Bacteria and Viruses may exist on desks, tables, chairs, computers,
laptops, and toilets, etc.

We may bring them to our houses, and spread to others if not get properly disinfected. Again, you can contact us for Office Disinfection Services to get rid of this problem efficiently. Our team will be there along with the required items to get their work done.

We are not just limited to these areas of work, Globalex Enviro also provides sanitization service in Dubai for labor flats, buildings, academies, schools, universities, gyms, parks, playgrounds, cafeterias, hotels, and restaurants, etc. Our team will be happy to make sure that everything is properly disinfected and sanitized.

Our Working Criteria

The working criteria of our workforce is
also unique. Our first priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. While it
can be only possible if you believe in providing quality services to them.
Fortunately, our proud team is capable to do so by all means.

They have successfully provided a thousand times Sanitization Services Dubai City at various houses, academies, markets, hotels, and hospitals, etc. If you have any queries regarding the services we provide. Feel free to contact us anytime, our team will be happy to serve you accordingly.

You can call us on +971-055-9286666 or email on gm@globalex.ae. You’re each & every query will be responded on a priority basis.

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