Cockroach Pest Control Dubai

April 9, 2022

a cockroach at your place is quite normal. The main sources to attract them are
food and water, which is very common.

Honestly, it’s not good to avoid them; you should take some action and get rid of them as soon as possible. It’s not easy to deal with cockroaches just by your few tricks; it’s better to hire a cockroaches pest control team if the situation gets out of control.

pest control services are paid but
professional with their work. However, there are many pest control services in
Dubai available online, and you can search about them, read reviews and go for
the best one!

reading to figure out how you can get rid of them and what attracts them.

you will use different tactics to get rid of cockroaches easily. As we all
know, you can spot cockroaches where food and moisture are. But by keeping your
surroundings clean, you can get rid of cockroaches.  If there is food spilt, clean it quickly.
Dispose of the garbage. Other things such as cartons or paper should be
properly stored and kept.

you should install a fitted screen on windows and sweep on the door so the
cockroaches will be unable to enter. Check if there are holes or cracks around
the door and window; make sure to block them. Also, using caulk or foam, seal
the walls or floor with a pipeline.

Why do we see small cockroaches after pest

is nothing to worry about if you notice small cockroaches even after the pest
control. Usually, the life cycle of the cockroaches is around 100 days ( from
egg to adult). These small cockroaches you spot are the nymphs. 

When the treatment occurs, these small cockroaches must be in egg form; as we all know, a normal cockroach sac has 40 eggs, so small cockroaches may appear after cockroaches pest control dubai.

nymphs are hungry to eat anything, including dead adults. Due to pest control,
these creatures are also poisoned, so nymphs will not be saved from this

What can I do if there are small cockroaches
after the treatment?

is nothing to stress about. You have to keep patience for two weeks to get rid
of these small cockroaches. Sometimes one treatment is not enough, and you need
a second one, but your pest controller will inform you.

sure to keep your house clean. Try to decrease their water and food sources as
there are high chances to spot them in these areas.

What things can grab the attention of
cockroaches in your home?

doesn’t matter what type of cockroaches you spot at your home; the main aim is
to eliminate them, right?

cockroaches do nothing but spread dirt and diseases and cause allergies. It’s
better to get rid of them quickly.

for that, you should figure out why they are coming to your place and what is
attracting them?

have a look at a few sources.


can eat almost everything as they are omnivorous. They like meat, sweets and
greasy food.  Even if there are dishes in
the sink or some pet food on the floor, it can attract cockroaches.


all living beings need water, so is the same case with cockroaches. That’s why
you can find cockroaches in the toilet and near leaking pipelines.


main reason they came to your place is in search of shelter.  Mostly cockroaches hide in toilets, damp places
and at the back of electronics.

like to be in quiet places such as corners of your house, toilet and behind
your appliances.

How to get rid of Cockroaches Pest Control

rid of cockroaches seems to be tough! But it’s not that tough; here are a few
methods by which you can make your home cockroaches free.

Use sticky traps

traps are the best solution to get rid of cockroaches. First, lay sticky traps
at the place from where cockroaches come mostly. But if you don’t know the
exact location, then apply sticky traps in different places from where they can

check daily to know where cockroaches enter your home mostly.

Make sure to block the entrance.

you notice new cockroaches every day, so it’s time to find the entry points and
gaps and block them with the caulk. Try to spot the gaps between the wall and
seal them with caulk. This method is effective yet affordable.

Use pesticides

doubt these pesticides sprays are effective. But make sure to keep the kids and
pets away when applying the spray. The best thing is that it has a long-lasting
effect, and cockroaches will be dead on the spot when the spray is applied.

Go for Cockroach Pest Control

If you want the best results and don’t want to do it yourself, go for pest control service in Dubai. When you hire cockroaches pest control, they are professional and better know about the treatment than you.

they worked professionally and solved the problem from the roots and took care
of the safety of your kids and pets.

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