May 23, 2021

Since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 virus, the world has been witnessing a lot of changes. It may be the pollution free planet or the animals making their appearances again, corporate offices working from home or the hidden talents of the people getting a platform. Well, everything has a positive and a negative side, there may not be much positive about Covid-19 but it has brought us back to our homes. When I say us, I particularly mean the working class of the people who’d otherwise spend most of the time outdoors. And when we got stuck at home we started doing chores we never imagined we’d be doing in our lifetime.

 People who had never entered their kitchens could be seen bragging about their self prepared food on social media. The men who had never driven their cars by themselves were washing the automobiles while streaming the exercise live on social media. We mastered a lot of daily chores in the lockdown. Let those be related to cooking or cleaning or for that matter gardening. 

Let’s just talk about cleaning today. Cleaning can be varied, it can be doing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning your rooms or sometimes cleaning the sewer tanks? Does the last mention seem a bit out of the line? If the answer is yes then there can possibly be two reasons for it. First – You have never done the cleaning by yourself. Second- You wanted to but didn’t know how to do it right. If your reason matches the second option then here is some good news for you. I’ll be discussing six easy but effective tricks to clean your sewer tanks. Are you ready?

Sewer Tank Cleaning Dubai

1. Hot Water – Yes you read it right!

While you might have been wondering about something out of the box technique, this might not look like one but is definitely the one. Using hot water to clear the pipes is one of the most effective and convenient ways of cleaning your sewer pipes. The science is simple, the pressure, heat and the force involved in the activity makes it sufficient for dislodging the clogged materials and the built up gunk. So next time you think of giving it a try, try starting with this simple yet amazing trick.

2. Baking Soda & Vinegar:

This is again one of the most effective ways people can go to clean their sewer tanks by themselves instead of calling for sewerage cleaning services. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be used to degrease the surfaces hence making it clean and clear. When we add the two, the chemical reaction that is caused is foamy and it bubbles. The bubbles are helpful in washing away the grease that can possibly be a factor of causing the clogs. One of the plus points of using this trick is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical that can be present in the commercial cleaning liquids i.e the cleaners you see in the marts. Those chemical based cleaners may prove harmful for your pipes of the inside fittings but in case of this home-made mixture, you can stay at ease.

 3. Plumber’s Snake:

Plumbers Snake

Do not worry you are not going to get bitten by this snake as it has a snake just in the name. A plumber’s snake or drain snake is a slender, flexible auger used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. This magic tool is cheap yet very useful when it comes to cleaning your sewer pipes. This is something very easy to use. Though it might not be a cure for every problem but can definitely help you get rid of small clogs. So next time you think you have a small clog in your pipe, give this a try.

4. Drain Cleaners:

Many people might not be aware of the fact that there are ready to use drain cleaners available in the market that one can use to clear the pipes. However we must take care of the frequency because too much usage of those cleaners might harm the pipe. So, it is recommended to flush the pipes using those cleaners just up to twice a year. Also, while you are doing this make sure that you are not using too much water or flushing any other drains because the chemical is required to sit on the pipes and clean the waste.

5. Sugared Sodas:

Did you ever think that your favorite soft drink can also be your favorite drain cleaner? Yes, you heard it right, the sugared sodas and soft drinks like Coke or Pepsi products are some amazing options when it comes to drain cleaning. These are also safer just like the soda and vinegar mixture that we just discussed previously in the blog. The dissolving agents most notably phosphorus present in the soda plays an important role in washing the debris that’s formed in the pipe This mixture can actually be more effective than the commercial drain cleaners. It’s strange that sometimes the normal things present at home can be used so effectively. Do give this trick a try too.

6. Preventive cleaning:

Well, this one is not something very tricky but it is important for sure. We need to understand the fact that we should not necessarily be waiting for the pipes to get blocked or the waste to get accumulated. We can just go for preventive cleaning regularly. Preventive cleaning means cleaning your pipes regularly in order to make sure that no blocks take place and you are not forced to do something at the eleventh hour. You can use any of the above mentioned tricks for the same. You can also go for citric acids as it is also very effective in cleaning the drains.

Now that you have learnt about so many tricks that can help your sewer pipes to remain clean and healthy, do keep the fact in consideration that all these tricks can be applied only when there are normal blocks or other issues that can be cleared by yourself. If there are any other problems that need professional help, please do not try to fix it yourself without proper knowledge or expertise. You may end up damaging the whole line which may cost you very higher than the repair price. Better is to call the professional sewerage cleaning services.  So, what are you doing this weekend? Try cleaning your sewer pipes and earn some appreciation at home. 

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