February 23, 2020

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste account for 70 per cent of the total mass of solid waste produced in the UAE.

Dubai itself generates almost 5,000 tons of building and demolition waste daily, which is about Seventy per cent of the total solid waste produced daily. And this is why waste management in the UAE has become a problematic affair in the recent past.

C&D wastes in Abu Dhabi account for 71 per cent of the overall waste generated in 2011. Building and construction activities and related C&D waste generation in this area are expected to continue to grow.

Thus, if not properly managed, the disposal of C&D is likely to be unregulated. This will not only have an effect on the environment on the land, air and water and the local ecosystems but will also lead in limited resources being exhausted.

Improper recycling in Dubai and other cities also generates societal and monetary strains for the community and the country. Construction waste management is thus an important element of green construction development.

This is why in this article, we present you 3 tips through which you can perform proper waste disposal services in Dubai and other cities of the UAE.

1. Constructing to Normal Measurements Construction work may offer an opportunity to use the construction materials provided in imperial measurements. The less you ought to change or reduce, the less cost you will generate – not to overlook saved time and effort.

For example, framing configurations may be designed to use regular lengths of wood. Regular measurements also render any items left over easier to reuse. A great way of doing waste management is to hire a professional service.

2. Find Your Local Recycling Center Local is the keyword here. If carrying construction waste for recycling takes too much time, commitment, and oil, take a gander at the next solution (like avoiding waste instead). If the recycling plant is close enough, then find out what they are taking and their working hours.

After which contribute to your construction timetable and preparing the necessary trips to minimize the impact. For example, when you go to fetch new building materials, take waste to the recycling centre on the way out.

If you find it too hard to do all this work by yourself, then find cleaning companies in the UAE that provide services related to waste management in the UAE.

3. Practice Deconstruction Rather than Destruction There are some organizations in areas where recyclable products are removed for reuse in social housing projects without damage. The customer who pays for the overall project may also get tax advantages.

If that is not feasible, the sale of such items during the construction project is an alternative in the front yard. Insufficiently strong condition, all can qualify for heaters, grates, tubing, equipment, and fixtures. Alternatively, hire a company providing excellent waste management services across the UAE.

Conclusion as a business owner, recycling your building’s construction waste can become a problem for you very easily. To avoid this it is better to hire a company that handles waste management in the UAE.

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