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The Ultimate Guide to Pest Control in Dubai


Globalex serving commercial and residential clients Throughout Dubai and Sharjah for many years. Our extensive pest control program contains a wide range of interior treatment and exterior perimeter services.


Our team is professional and experienced in the best pest control in Dubai. Our pest control services are reliable and available all over Dubai and Sharjah UAE.

What is Pest Control?


It is a procedure in which many types of undesirable pests are removed and controlled by different techniques and methods.

In general pest, we provide pest services like:

  • Cockroaches pest control Dubai
  • Termites’ treatment
  • Bed bugs infestation
  • Rats’ pest control

All other undesirable pests.


In commercial pest, we remove unwanted insects from your apartment, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls. In termite treatment we use borate wood treatment, borate prevents wood against termite’s attack. The borate is absorbed in wood and treated as a barrier that termites cannot cross.

Pest Control Services

What are the benefits of using pest control services?


Cockroaches are not much danger to humans and have many types but the most famous one is the American brown cockroach. Our best pest control Dubai operator provides you with the best power which declines the growth of cockroaches and makes your pest-free.

Termites are commonly observed in several countries. People are generally afraid of these insects because they are quite destructive and are destroying lots of infrastructures in lots of places.

Bed bugs pest control is a procedure that requires an experienced professional with expertise in the use of an insecticide. Bed bugs are the most difficult household pest to eliminate.

They may be small and almost invisible, but their feeling behaviour makes them highly resistant to pesticides. That is why you need professional extermination services to help remove bed bugs from your apartment or home. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood and Hide in a mattress, bed covers, and sofas. Bed bugs have been shown to spread disease.

Rats and rodents are a major health risk. It is important to understand the cause of illness and identify the different types of rodents. Rats are found everywhere and the cause of large-scale damage because of their ravenous appetite.

The most common types of rodents are rats and mice. They have large eyes, whiskers, and long slimy tails. There are different ways to kill rats in Dubai from trapping the rat in a trap or mouse-proof cage.

Some additional pest control services like.

  • Snake Control
  • Bee Control
  • Fly Control
  • Birds Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Ants Control

To better manage your pest control Dubai problems, we offer a whole range of in-house and professional pest control treatment.

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