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Termite Control

Globalex is providing termite control services in Dubai for many years. We use anti-termite chemicals which are effective and well-tested and protect from termites. We will provide our best services at very affordable prices all over Dubai.

Our professionals are experts. They will tell you about termite control treatment, our staff is customer-friendly, they work day and night for their customers.

Our professional are well known and experienced in their work that how to deal with different types of pest and easily found where it grown.

Termites Identification

Termites are social pest that directly attack on wood. They eat 24 in a day. Termites are one which speedily attack on the wood and damage its structures.

Three types of termites harm our homes subterranean termites, dry wood termites, and damp wood termites.

It can damage paper, books pool lining, etc. It can damage trees and their lives too. It can enter your building at any time. There are numerous termite control Dubai services but our company gives you the best facility.

Termites are a well-known and common pest for their destructive behaviour. they damage our furniture very much. These pests eat wood and cellulose that are present wood in at a very fast speed. Many companies, organizations, and agencies face this problem.

Termites are one of the most common pests to target wood structures. Without swift action, they can weaken your home’s foundation and cause structural damage.

That’s why we offer termite inspections and treatments that will protect your property and make sure you sleep soundly at night.

What is Anti-Termite Control

The main focus is to protect your house from any kind of pest invasion that can be caused by rodents, mice and other types of insects.

They can enter into your property through the cracks and crevices and cause harm to your belongings like furniture, curtains, wall panels, paintings and more.

There is a brief description of the services provided by anti-termite service in Dubai, and then provide a detailed explanation on how you can access them.

These harmful bugs can also ruin your plants and lead to many more infections like fungi, root rot or others. They can easily invade your house if you have not taken the right precautions.

Also, the presence of large number of people who live in the same area can increase the chances and extent of its entrance into your premises.

If you are living in a flat, it can become very difficult to avoid them. Not only they get into your houses but they can also make noise and disturb your sleep and wake up your children during the night.

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Anti-Termite Treatment

There are two key areas in which you can take care of. First is the location where the pests appear, second factor is the type of pests and finally the duration they will stay there.

All of the three points can be checked with available tools that can be used:

1 – Any pest control method should be installed correctly and it never becomes boring. Even if pest control services cost more than usual, there is always something that takes longer to work than expected.

However, most pests do not spend so much money on cleaning, sometimes we cannot even see them.

Second important thing is to know the time range. When you have less pests, the rate of damage decreases quite fast.

2 – Pest control should be done before the sun rises. Since insects tend to stay for longer hours, your garden leaves before the sunrise.

To avoid the sun coming, place your cut flowers and fruits to prevent sunlight.

3 – Keep well-paved and water-logged ground around the perimeter of your house to keep pests from getting into your home. Keep a wide area around the edge of your yard, so that you will not have to worry about their nest.

4 – Pest control companies offer installation of various ways to reduce the growth of pests. Make sure you call or contact the company beforehand, ask questions and discuss about the price.

Furthermore, there are plenty of things that make pesticides harmful and toxic to humans, animals and crops. if you want to  termites control in Dubai contact us today.

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GLOBALEX, founded in 2006, in Dubai, is the one-stop solution for all pest control problems. We are a leading company with enough experience to protect your home from unwanted pests. We are certified by Dubai Municipality.

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