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Fly Pest Control

Globalex provide services to control pest, flies, cockroach and bed bugs in home, malls. restaurant & office premises in Dubai. It specialises in offering Fly Pest Control to your home in Dubai.

Control Housefly Pest, Dubai is a problem all year round but during the cold winter months flies are particularly annoying. Flies find their way into the home through windows, doors and open-air vents.

 In order to flies pest control around your homes you can use sticky pads which an attractant odour or fly sprays to target them when they are flying around.

Here at pest control our objective is to ensure that your home is safe, hygienic, fly free and protected against harmful diseases and infestations. Our experienced team of staff will ensure that your home is protected against flies within 24 hours.

You may not be able to see them, and you may only feel their bites, but pesky flies around your home and garden can be very annoying.

How The Lifecycle Works and How to Prevent Them

Flies are one of the most ubiquitous pests in existence.

We have made it our business to learn as much as possible about fly pest control techniques and the latest industry technologies. We successfully integrate those skills with our ability to create unique solutions for the diverse environments of our customers.

Nothing is worse than having flies at home. Is it really not possible to do anything? When the summer season begins, the flies invade our houses and make our health suffer. We tell you how to get rid of them through a few treatments and without having to resort to pesticides.

Fly is one of the most annoying insects and more disease-carrying pests. Each species of fly reportedly lays between 100 and 200 eggs at a time, and female flies can lay between 500 and 2,000 eggs during their short lifespan.

Fly control services for homes in Dubai can be tough in the hot weather but we have the expertise and experience to provide comprehensive flies control services for all your fly problems.

We are committed to making sure that your home is a comfortable place for you and your family, so we provide pest control services to keep your home free of Flies.

Preventing flies in the home is easier than you think. The first step to keep flies from entering your home is to keep food that can attract these pests from getting inside.

Keep fruit flies away from windows and doors, and make sure all windows are screened when not in use. Clean up spills as soon as possible so these tiny pests don’t have time for any opportunity to get into your home.

Monitoring and Cleaning

Monitoring is the most effective way to determine if a fly problem exists. This can be accomplished by using sticky traps placed at critical sites.

Monitoring can help you to identify species of flies and pinpoint the location of breeding places so that appropriate control measures can be implemented.

Our flies control services include monitoring, implementing, inspecting and maintaining control devices on a regular basis to eliminate existing and potential fly populations. Fly identification, monitoring and fly pest control techniques are vital components of our fly extermination services

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Fly Pest control
Fly Pest control

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