The Ultimate Guide to Pest Control in Dubai

Globalex serving commercial and residential clients Throughout Dubai and Sharjah for many years. Our extensive pest control program contains a wide range of interior treatment and exterior perimeter services. Our team is professional and experienced in the best pest control in Dubai. Our pest control services are reliable and available all over Dubai and Sharjah […]

Bed bugs

Top 10 ways to remove bed bugs from Apartments

  Bed bugs are small, from the size of an apple seed to pea. They fall between the cracks in bedframes, bed mattresses, and box springs using a drawn silk-like substance. They are reddish-brown in color. Depending on their age and growing conditions, they’ll either be more red or brown as well as hairless or […]

Pest Control Services

Things to Understand Before Getting a Pest Control Service Done at your Home 

Pest control services Dubai. If you want to hire pest control services. Then this is the right place for you. Because here I will serve you how to do pest control services at home. I will give you the best pest control services in Dubai.  Things to Understand Before Getting a Pest Control Services Done […]