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Artificial Grass Installation

Globalex Landscaping is a prominent company for artificial grass installation Dubai. At Globalex Landscaping, we believe that providing high-quality artificial grass carpet in Dubai and nearby is our job. We are a huge fan of innovative technology, and this is why we use artificial grass for our own properties in Dubai. Our artificial grass carpet is easy to maintain and is eco-friendly.

Customers can even enjoy its benefits over natural grass. We have been giving landscapers a professional look since 2006, and we are continuously expanding our team by hiring motivated staff who can deliver the professional services in Dubai. Our team of professional installers have each spent many years in landscaping fields, so we understand the needs of a professional owner.

Our Artificial Grass Services that we offer:

Our Artificial Grass Projects:

Careful planning before artificial grass installation


When it comes to artificial grass installation in Dubai, size matters. To prepare the artificial grass surface, Globalex is landscape company in Dubai that carefully followed precise installation techniques.

Globalex takes great care to plan its artificial grass installation projects carefully to make sure you can use the grass in your property to its fullest potential. Our expertise in the industry helps us keep our installations on schedule and budget.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass Dubai are luxury known for their appearance, and also for being durable and low maintenance. The artificial grass Dubai will have a life of approximately 8-12. Years and should be able to be recycled. This means that soil and dust should not be allowed to enter the chamber and the artificial grass Dubai will be able to be maintained and cleaned without the need of heavy machinery.

Artificial Grass Quality and specification

Artificial Grass is a type of artificial turf made with a long-fibered rubber-coated fabric. Artificial grass is a resilient and environment-friendly alternative to natural grass. It has a number of benefits including low maintenance and low water.

 We use quality and low maintenance grass from all around the world to help our clients create an attractive, unique garden. Our artificial grass suppliers span the globe, giving us a variety of options for you to choose from.

Believe our artificial grass installation Service in Dubai 

Garden is one of the places that contribute happiness, satisfaction and the positive energy. Still, sometimes garden is incomplete without the artificial grass installation. We provide best garden landscape service in Dubai.

 Artificial grasses in Dubai is a best replacement of pure grass which is led to bugs and weeds and can be harmful to the ground. To get this service, you must be sure of your best options as you can’t get the grass there and it’s not a cheap option too.

Our artificial grass installation services in Dubai stand out from our competitors by offering the widest range of artificial grass textures and designs at the most competitive prices.

Dubai artificial grass installation service has enjoyed a support from customers extolling their role in making the entire region feel more like home. If you are looking to get the best artificial grass installation service, you can rest assured knowing that our name is already well-known in the region.

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